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He Stalked His VictimsA mother and daughter brutalized murdered and left to rot in the summer heat A young college student killed with a38 handgun at a remote highway rest stop These were just a few of the victims of Timothy Krajcir a sexual predator with an unuenchable appetite for violence From State To StateHe would travel to towns where n.

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2007 new DNA testing finally linked Krajcir to another college girl's murder Ultimately Krajcir confessed to killing nine women five in Missouri and four in Illinois and Pennsylvania But his three decade reign of terror has never been forgotten and the full range of his predatory crimes never revealed until nowWith 16 Pages Of Shocking Photo.

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Obody knew him break into a woman's home and wait for her It started when he was still in his teens when a rape conviction landed Krajcir in jail After that he spent much of his adult life behind bars for various sex crimes By the time he was in his early 30s he was a free man Free to stalk rape and killThree Decades Of Murder And BloodBut in.

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    Next book for book club I'm a little skeptical but I love the fact that book club forces me to read things I wouldn't have chosen myself we'll see Never mind This was the worst book I ever read Most of the members

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