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Blackhawk's Sweet Revenge

Ge Julianna Hadley readily agreed to his shocking proposalBoldly she married the man who sought to destroy her father For Julianna knew only her fierce and enduring love could tame her sol. Nothing special

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Itary groom And as Lucas laid claim to her body and soul vowing to accept nothing less than her ultimate surrender his virgin bride resolved to win nothing less than all of Blackhawk's hea. I think this story is good but it wasn t fleshed out enough to actually tell The hero is trying to be mean but is nice The heroine gets her time to shine at the end Ah I guess read it if you want to fill in the huge missing pieces to this story A Tangled Affair (The Pearl House you want to fill in the huge missing pieces to this story

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THE BRIDE'S DEMANDHe was the renegade the outcastand the object of her youthful affection And when Native American Lucan Blackhawk triumphantly returned to his hometown on a uest for reven. Loved this book It had passion angst humour suspense in it Loved both Julianna and Lucas They had awesome chemistryLucas Blackhawk has returned to take revenge from Julianna s father Mason who had stolen his father s ranch and had falsely sent him to prison where he died Lucas has been loaning money to Mason through one of his subsidiary companies taking every single asset of his house house the land cattle as collateral and has now come to call upon the loan which Mason cannot repay and so by default Lucas gets everything Because of her own shyness and her father s money and ruthlessness Julianna never had any girlfriends or boyfriends growing up She was known as the Ice Princess She d always loved Lucas from far since she was fourteen Lucas however was under the impression like her father who hated him for being half Indian she too thought she was too good for him At the age of twenty two he was working for a feed store when he saw her turn her face away when she saw him He left town soon after and kept her in mind as he slogged it out to become rich enough to be on par with her status Now Julianna wants her grandparents house of which she has fond memories growing up and which was supposed to be in her name but her father had signed that off as collateral too She goes to Lucas to beg him for it and that s when he decides to make the Ice Princess his wife and mother of his children Unknown to him he s actually fulfilling Julianna s dream of marriage to him and of having his childrenLucas thought he was in control of the situation but suddenly finds everything going out of his control especially his desire for Julianna He wanted a normal marriage but with no love and emotions involved It was funny how after asking her to striptease on their wedding night he vanishes from the room because he was shocked by his overwhelming need for her He also spends the wedding night getting drunk because he couldn t get over Julianna s father hitting her at the courthouse after they got married and he hadn t seen it coming although he d managed to intercept the second blow His jealousy over any man even looking at Julianna made it very amusing to read Like his thoughts when Julianna was laughing at his buddy Nick s anecdotes He had thoughts of murder His victim alternated between a cool beautiful blond and a dark haired motorcycle racer By the end of the evening he decided he would simply kill them bothOr the time he and Nick were in the bar where Julianna is working as waitressOh darlin turn around and let me see if your face matches that amazing body Those legs should be illegal Nick leaned back in his chair trying to get a better look You being married and all I m sure it wouldn t interest you Blackhawk but this here sweet little waitress can bring me drinks all night longIt didn t interest him at The moment he just wanted a uick beer and to get up to his room but Lucas would eat the ashtray on the table before he d admit that to Nick He glanced over his shoulder caught a glimpse of black high heels and incredible legs that never seemed to stop Lucas hadn t chosen the short skirts for the waitresses himself but he decided to give a raise to the man who hadThe woman bent at the waist serving drinks to a table of men on the other side of the room He started to turn away but something he couldn t say what had him narrowing his eyes and staring harder And then she straightened Son of a bitch JuliannaHe was too stunned to move let alone react Why the hell was Julianna his wife serving drinks in a bar Still numb he hadn t time to stop Nick from calling out as he waved a hand She turned headed their way with a tray in her hands When Nick s mouth dropped open Lucas felt his blood boilWhat can I get you boys she asked sweetlyShe nearly spilled out of the top of her form fitting waitress uniform Lucas decided to fire the man who ordered such skimpy outfits And he definitely decided to fire whoever it was who had put Julianna in oneAh I ll have a beer Nick said with a slow grinShe started to name a few different brands when Lucas finally found his voice What the hell are you doing hereI m working She smiled set a bowl on the table NutsBecause he was working so hard not to cause a scene he didn t tell her what he thought of her offer We ll discuss this up in the suite NowI don t get off until one she said calmly Would you like a beer tooHe gritted his teeth when she leaned toward him dangerously testing the fit of her top What I would like is for you to get yourself up to our room before I have to hurt that man ogling you Sorry Nick mumbledLucas scowled I meant the man two tables overI told you Lucas My shift isn t over until one Now if you ll excuse me I don t make tips by standing around talkingYou don t need to make any damn tips Lucas ground out I own this place rememberAnd thank goodness for that she said brightly I m not exactly ualified for this so it helped to throw your name aroundYou look ualified to me Nick winked but refrained from letting his eyes go where he wanted them to Lucas all but growled at Nick then glared at his wife If you re doing this to annoy me Julianna you re doing a hell of a jobI m not doing this to annoy you Lucas It s honest work In spite of what you think of me I m not lazy I ve needed something to do and for the past three nights the bar has been shorthanded She smiled at a young couple and told them she d be right with them I ll bring your beers in a minute Right now gentlemen I ve got an order upThree nights She d been serving drinks half dressed in a bar for the past three nights and he didn t even know His fists tightened as he watched her walk away He had one of two choices throw her over his shoulder and cary her up to the room or wait her out He didn t like either one but reason chose the latterWell Nick said grinning at Lucas I guess she doesn t like to shopShut up Santos It was going to be a long nightEnjoyed the banter between him and Nick and although Ian wasn t physically present I enjoyed reading the pranks that the trio of devils played when they were young In fact the book starts with a prologue showing the forging of friendship between them at the age of thirteen Nick and Ian also have their own books in this series There were ups and downs in their marriage sweet passionate moments as well as angst misunderstandings and jealousy Like Lucas doing sweet things for Julianna like physically doing up the house for her on the uiet and dropping in announced during the day from work just to see her or dragging her from the cafe even before they could place their order because he was suddenly starving for her not food then suddenly leaving town for three weeks to keep distance from her And while Julianna was totally in love with Lucas was ecstatic when she found out she was pregnant with his baby she never got around to tell him the truth about what transpired between her father and his the night his father was shot and arrested Then it was too late She almost lost her life because of it Lots of stuff was going on but its better for one to read it than for me to tell Although there was no epilogue I loved the end Julianna pregnant with twins and determined not to give up Lucas and to fight for himEnjoyable book

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    Loved this book It had passion angst humour suspense in it Loved both Julianna and Lucas They had awesome chemistryLucas Blackhawk has returned to take revenge from Julianna's father Mason who had stolen his father's ranch and had falsely se

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    Nothing special

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    I think this story is good but it wasn't fleshed out enough to actually tell The hero is trying to be mean but is nice The heroine gets her t

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    Titre vf Un mariage impossible

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