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    Fascinating history of Judge WickershamA larger than life Judge Wickersham and his exploits in his career we're

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    This book is Judge James Wickersham's account of his time in Alaska serving as the Third District Federal Judge in the territory of Alaska at the turn of the Twentieth Century Its a fascinating read but will appeal to a very select audience I am from Fairbanks Alaska and have a fascination for Alaskan history so this is right up my

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    Judge James Wickersham was a larger than life character in a larger than life setting His book Old Yukon is dense with his tales trails and trials from aiding stampeders in opening up The Tanana Yukon valley to h

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review Ä PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ñ James Wickersham

M’s many adventures include traveling by dogsled over hundreds of miles through snow covered mountains; serving as judge for the trials of many famous outlaws in the midst of the gold strikes; and hunting mining and climbing in his local Alaska wilderness.

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Old Yukon

In this humorous and upbeat memoir James Wickersham describes his career as a pioneer judge and later as a congressional representative assigned to a vast snow covered district extending over 300000 suare miles in the undeveloped Alaska Territory  Wickersha.

review Ä PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ñ James Wickersham

Though he was instrumental in the early history of Alaska and his legacy is evident throughout the state for example he named the city of Fairbanks this is the first and only work to focus on Wickersham’s life during this pivotal time in Alaska’s history.