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In the secret war between humans and werewolves Jonathan Baird and Nikki Reese were natural enemies Born with the genetic gifts needed to join the secret society of hunters Nikki had been raised to see all Lycans as her enemy even if hunting them b.

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Moon Marked

Sted after her too When a hunt goes bad and Nikki is infected with the Lycan virus Jonathan couldn't resist coming to her aid igniting an insatiable desire between them Will their passion bring together the two rivals or will old loyalties die hard.

Linda Thomas-Sundstrom ☆ 9 characters

Rought on a powerful craving for sexual releaseIt was that craving that drew werewolf Jonathan to Nikki Though he also sought the rogue creatures that threatened the secrecy of his people's existence his organization sent him to watch her but he lu.

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    OOh another one Had to read this after reading Thomas Sundstrom's Red Wolf last week Read on my Kindle download from This story is in the for

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    Even though this book was fast to read I found myself screaming that I wanted that time back when I finished That and eye bleach and something to wipe the memory from my head This book wasn't fantasy it was soft core porn between a werewolf and a woman who was spoilerpart werewolfspoiler I have to laugh at the idea of put

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    I just love this series For me it's a new spin on the Were shifter and I'm hooked