Nurse Lavinias Mistake { Read } ✓ Marjorie Norrell

SUMMARY Nurse Lavinias Mistake

T agree And in fact she found her new life unexpectedly rewardingShe could hardly bear to think what her life would have been if she hadn't met Roy Conli


Nurse Lavinias Mistake

She couldn't miss this opportunityBut that's not how her friends saw it They thought it was a big mistake when Lavinia Bolland decided to change from a b

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Usy hospital to a girl's boarding school They couldn't imagine her fitting inWorn out by the responsibilities of being a staff nurse however Lavina didn'

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    An interesting little story with the heroine Lavinia leaving a busy hospital to take a position as a school nurse in a rural area of England Everyone said it was a mistake including her boyfriend who was taking her for grantedAs soon

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