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Ancy J Delano Ellis II this book will provide a practical blueprint to helping Adjutants understand their purpose and role It The Breach of Crowns provide a Icebergs practical blueprint to helping Adjutants understand their The Line purpose and role It

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Vocati Ad Ministrandum

Also outlines how to be the assistance any Pastor needs and brings to life Adjutants' full responsibilities A good teaching to

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Vocati Ad Ministrandum is a one of a kind guide to uncovering the ministry of the Adjutancy Written by the Father of the Adjut

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    This is a must read for anyone serving their servant leader or in the second chair Those who are struggling to learn of Episcopal Order should find relief in this work Imperative to those seeking to live out their lives in this calling

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    I love this book so much I often recommend it to ministers when they read mine A wealth of information for those who seek

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