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The winning volume in the 1982 Yale Series of Younger Poets competition is Cathy Song’s Picture Bride a book about people and their innumerable journeys Distinguished poet Richard Hugo says “Cathy Song’s poems are flowers colorful sensual a I think I m too full of resentment and impatience to ever write a book like this These poems are delicate intricate and individualized as thumbprints on a glass Childhood recollections and family photo album memories are their main themes As I read I freuently found myself wishing that Song s voice was openly rebellious almost all the short lyrics in Picture Bride struck me as frustratingly placid and passive Except for the last section of one long poem about Georgia O Keeffe there is not much anger or liberated passion flying around in these pages Though many of these poems deal with subject matter that ought to arouse rage eg women oppressed by men or daughters smothered by hyper controlling mothers the main feeling that this book exudes is not indignation or even resignation rather this book radiates a stillness a sort of contentment which left me uneasy and unsatisfiedNonetheless the imagery here is vivid and compact and Song s way with words is lovely I d rather read poems like these than the colorless uasi abstract poems penned by imitators of Louise Gluck or Mark Strand any day I especially enjoyed one passage in which Song describes how her child self was enchanted by the sight of clean starched sheetsstacked like envelopes or tortillasI made no distinctions for me everything was edible

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Picture Bride Yale Series of Younger Poets

Nd uiet and they are offered almost shyly as bouuets to those moments in life that seemed minor but in retrospect count the most She often reminds a loud indifferent hard world of what truly matters to the human spirit”Born in Honolulu Hawaii i I loved the uiet voice and warmth in these poems Very powerful

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N 1955 Cathy Song received a BA from Wellesley College in 1977 and an MA in creative writing from Boston University in 1981 Her poems have appeared in an anthology of asian pacific literature and in Dark Horse The Greenfield Review and West Branc I just don t like poetry don t take my rating too seriously

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    I think I'm too full of resentment and impatience to ever write a book like this These poems are delicate intricate and in

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    I liked the Georgia O'Keefe poems in this collection Some excerpts I liked from other piecesThe light is the insid

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    I had to read a number of the pieces from “Picture Bride” for a class and I thoroughly enjoyed them Thereafter I read it in it’s entirety and I found themes of an Americanizing immigrant asian family to be plentiful Intergenerational cultural shifts assimilation family marriage coming of age and aging itself are all explored in Pictur

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    The poems in this book are so elegant and gorgeous The poems seem light and delicate like they are floating This is the first book by Cathy Song that I've read so I don't know if she writes like this all the time but The book is broken into sections and I like section III Orchids the best That section is about women as subjects for artThere are also some great poems in the book about Georgia O'Keefe who I didn't know a lot about

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    i am not a poetry person free verse usually turns me off but i absolutely loved this volume of poetry song writes best when she writes about those close to her her brother her father her mother reading these poems

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    I loved the uiet voice and warmth in these poems Very powerful

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    Song’s poems capture the nostalgia of growing up Each poem is seen as a memory passing by memory lane Reading through you reflect and visit your own childhood and live through it once If you are into reading great depths of one’s life this one is for you

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    Someone very uiet once lived hereVery beautiful simple poetic style Cathy Song's poetry is captivating and so multi faceted

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    I just don't like poetry don't take my rating too seriously