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This comprehensive and accessible text fills the need for a political economy view of global environmental politics focusing on the ways key economic processes affect environmental outcomes It examines the main actors and forces shaping global environmental management particularly in the developing world Moving beyond the usual academic emphasis on international agreements and institutions it strives to integrate debates within the real world of global policy and the academic world of theory T.

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Paths to a Green World The Political Economy of the Global Environment

The book covers globalization and its conseuences for the environment; the evolution of global discourse and global environmental governance; wealth poverty and consumption; the impact on the environment of global trade and trade agreements; transnational corporations and differential environmental standards; and the environmental effects of international financing including multilateral lending and aid and bilateral and private finance Brief illustrative case studies appear throughout the tex.

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He book maps out an original typology of four contrasting worldviews of environmental change those of market liberals institutionalists bioenvironmentalists and social greens and uses these as a framework to examine the links between the global political economy and ecological change This typology not only helps students understand and participate in debates about these worldviews but also provides a common language for students and instructors to discuss the issues across the social sciences.

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    Paths to a Green World de Jennifer Clapp y Peter Dauvergne es una gran introducción a los debates de la economía política respecto al ambientalismo y la lucha contra el cambio climatico El libro hace un recuento de 4 posiciónes aveces encotradas y aveces con cosas en común los liberales los institucionalistas los verdes sociales y los bioambientalistas El libro trata las 4 posturas conforme cuenta la historia de algunos de l

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    It's a fairly well written textbook and an acceptable introductory text to the political economy of the environment as I suppose the title would suggest I do prefer textbooks which sound like they're written by real people rather than robots but on the other hand the sheer number of unnecessary clauses and conversational devices in this book drove me a bit nuts Why so many non defining clauses?? And now I know I've been teaching

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    275400 Good but remedial This would make a nice course book for undergrads however in an environmental sociology class