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Portraits of Tibetan Buddhist Masters

T of the Tibetan Buddhist tradition Farber felt compelled to record the last of the living Buddhist masters who received their training in Tibet and then fled the country following the invasion by China as well as other masters who survived many years of imprisonment during the Cultural Revolution He has worked with a sense of urgency to photograph and interview these extraordinary beings who have been th.

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Renowned photographer Don Farber one of the most important chroniclers of Buddhism today brings the face and the spirit of contemporary Tibetan Buddhism alive with this remarkable book Portraits of Tibetan Buddhist Masters a collection of superb color photographs presented with brief biographies and teachings from each master is a vibrant work a testament to the compassion and wisdom that lies at the hear.

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E custodians of this endangered Buddhist tradition His collection of portraits also includes some of the bright lights of Tibetan Buddhism the younger masters who will carry the tradition into the future As a photographic archive of Tibetan Buddhist masters this book plays an important role in preserving Tibetan culture in all its richness and complexity through the words and faces of its esteemed masters.

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