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  • 28 April 2018
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Sperm Gone Wild

Ng plenty of sperm This is just one of the typical life history confessions of the subjects by the unsinkable Dr Garth Mundinger Klow who examines a curious postmodern sexual fetish a fascination with semen lots of semen from women who are addicted to it to men who like to see women covered in and ingest the semen of dozens if not hundreds of men This fetish and desire are called from Japan bukkake and gokkun and the practice and run rampant in Western civilizati.

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Nort cum like cocaine and do cum shots I wanna have so much cum that I can cover every single pore on my body and fill every hole to overflowing When the need became overwhelming I called my friend Jennifer and told her what I wanted to do She knows some people in the porn industry and she can get up to 100 guys but I told her I wanted She asked how many and I said 1000 So she set up a website; any man that wants to Cum On Olivia just head to this address and bri.

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My name is Olivia and I'm 20 years old I love cum I'm addicted to seeing it feeling it and tasting it I love the way it slides down my throat and how I can smear it all over my tits But I've always had one problem with cum so far; there's never enough I did 25 guys in a gang bang once There was a lot of cum but it wasn't enough I wanna have cum all over my body and in every orifice I want my stomach full of cum I wanna shit out cum from my tight asshole I wanna s.