Vampire Voles Welkin Weasels #5 ( PDF ) ☆ Garry Kilworth

Summary Vampire Voles Welkin Weasels #5

The city of Muggidrear is crawling with vampires Montagu Sylver weasel detective decides to go to the source of the problem Slattland across the sea He is determ.

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Vampire Voles Welkin Weasels #5

Ined to stake the problem for once and for all Followed by Welkin's police chief Falshed now demoted to a plain pelt detective Monty and his companions run into.

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All sorts of scrapes in this hilarious new adventure that follows on from the action in GASLIGHT GEEZERS but can be read totally separately as a stand alone nove.

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    I picked this up a few years ago when I was in Montreal I read Watership Down at such a young age any animal tale in novel form attracts meIt's not a bad book even for adults Kilworth sets a Weasel society in an alternate