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    The text of the book is good; the images are a problem. Many are of poor quality, especially the sculpture and architecture of ancient India. Some images are not illustrative of the work discussed in the text. And the images are mostly too small to appreciate.

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    The copy I received may be an unauthorized printing. The paper quality is not glossy like all other Oxford History of Art books (I own around 11 others from the same series), and the images are grainy. The written material is still clear, but I suspect the book may deteriorate faster.

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    great book

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    better condition than i expected.

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    My professor insists we read this book as a foundation for our Indian Vernacular course. She has read most text books on the subject and insists this is the only one that is accurate and gives and appropriate survey of Indian Art.

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    I purchased this book for my own enjoyment and to supplement the required readings for my Asian Art class. It is a visual

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    as expected

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    This book succeeds in being both scholarly and readable, and the illustrations are a delight. The religious and cultural background to the art is explained, so that we can understand what the artists and architects were aiming to do, and not just gaze on their work like casual tourists. My only objection is to the last two chapters, on the twentieth century. Here the author unquestioningly accepts the modernist dogma, and ignores the existe

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    a good introduction to Indian art from historic to contemporary. Easy and intelligently written

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    In spite of spending almost his entire life in academia, Prof. Partha Mitter's lucidly written 'Indian Art' contrasts most of the books written in unnecessarily difficult academic language of art. This brief writing on Indian Art is invaluable to all kind of people ranging from laymen to art students and academicians.Bein

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    I found the book very educational without being academic in nature. An excellent choice !

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Indian Art (Oxford History of Art)

Clear overview with fascinating detail Mitter succeeds in bringing to life the true diversity of Indian culture The influence of Islam on the Mughal court which produced the world famous Taj Mahal and exuisite miniature paintings is closely examined More recently he discusses thenationalist and global concerns of contempora. better condition than i expected

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This concise yet lively new survey guides the reader through 5000 years of Indian art and architecture A rich artistic tradition is fully explored through the Hindu Buddhist Islamic Colonial and contemporary periods incorporating discussion of modern Bangladesh and Pakistan tribalartists and the decorative arts Combining a. The text of the book is good the images are a problem Many are of poor uality especially the sculpture and architecture of ancient India Some images are not illustrative of


Ry art including the rise of female artists the stunning architecture of Charles Correa and the vibrant art scene The very particular character of Indian art is set within its cultural and religious milieu raising important issues about the profound differences between Western and Indian ideas of beauty and eroticism in art. Excellent

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