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This is a wonderful project endlessly fascinating for philosophers but it will also appeal to anyone with the most casual interest in twentieth century intellectual history This is the work everyone who is interested in Wittgenstein the man needs Times Literary Supplement A splendid two volume compendium Together they the volumes present a composite image of the man which is hugely impressive The Fortnightly Review The contributions are excellent and rich in knowledge of the historical perspective and intellectual horizons in which Wittgenstein was moving Wittgenstein Studien Bloomsbury translation I have made constant use of this multi volume collection of reminiscences about Wittgenstein since its original publication in This new and expanded edition adds several insightful pieces including a detailed report on Wittgenstein s visit to Cornell in Endlessly fascinating James C Klagge Professor of Philosophy Virginia Tech USA and Author of Wittgenstein in Exile Portraits of Wittgenstein is a comprehensive collection of rec.

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Portraits of Wittgenstein: Abridged Edition

Ttgenstein is an invaluable cornucopia of biographical materials from chronologies to records of teaching from diary extracts to reminiscences These newly updated volumes richly frame the extraordinary life of one of the twentieth century s greatest philosophers as well as the receding horizon of his own time David Stern Professor of Philosophy University of Iowa USApbF A Flowers III bis a retired appellate lawyer In addition to being the author of several legal publications he is the Editor of the First Edition of this work as well as the Editor of Leo Tolstoys iThe Gospel in Brief i He presently lives in Dothan Alabama pp ppbIan Ground bhas taught philosophy at a number of universities in the North East of England and has published on topics in the philosophy of Wittgenstein aesthetics and philosophical issues concerning the understanding of animal minds He is currently Teaching Fellow in the Department of Fine Art Newcastle University and Secretary of the British Wittgenstein Society He lives in Newcastle upon Tyne pp.

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Ollections and memoirs of the greatest philosopher of the twentieth century It is a mesmerising array of snapshots of a fascinating and charismatic thinker which will give delight to many readers and provides indispensable raw materials for reflections on Wittgenstein and his role in his troubled times and the relevance of his thought to ours Peter Hacker Professor of Philosophy University of Kent at Canterbury UK In bringing together such a large collection of memoirs of Wittgenstein many hard to find in their original publications the editors of this two volume set perform an inestimable service to scholars of the philosopher whether their interest is simply in biographical details or if they wish to contextualise his philosophy The original of this publication has been of great service to me over the years in understanding the life and work of Wittgenstein and I fully expect this expanded edition to fill a similar role Jonathan Smith Archivist Trinity College Library Cambridge University of Cambridge UK Portraits of Wi.