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Ed with a shame that infected his soul and ravaged by demons haunting his memories Sasha ran But he could never escape Sergey or the gravitational pull of their love Nightmares trail behind his every step and weary ghosts live in the hollow chambers of his soul Hes spent a lifetime brutally eviscerating the parts of himself he despises and hes an empty shattered sh.

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Ascendent (Executive Power) (English Edition)

Ell struggling to be the man worthy of Sergeys love The pieces of his soul he cut out are the very ones he needs in order to become the man he yearns to be Hell need to face himself and his past on a journey into the frozen heart of Russia and into the midnight depths of the dead landsOnly then can he ascend from the darkness and be the man Sergey needs at his side.

Summary Ascendent (Executive Power) (English Edition)

Sasha Andreyev grew up on the wrong side of nowhere dreaming of starlight as he strangled a secret He fled enlisting in the Russian Army and worked his way up the ranks Years later after surviving a beating and being left for dead he found a new life in Moscow working with President Sergey Puchkov And then he fell in love Desperate to avoid his runaway heart crippl.

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