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  • The Closers: Harry Bosch Series, Book 11
  • By Michael Connelly
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  • 24 June 2018
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12 thoughts on “The Closers: Harry Bosch Series, Book 11

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    Me being a retired police sergeant with 26 years on the job continues to be amazed at the insights this writer has in police work.
    Once again you are going to feel like you are one of Harry Bosch‘s partners As you and he investigate this case. The writer accurately captures Harrys highs and lows as the case unfolds. Harry has to deal not only with old case reports. Missing evidence, but he also has to dea

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    I still consider these series above average, however Bosch is extremely irritating character. His paranoia in relationships, his unnecessary urgency (why 20 year old cold case suddenly becomes highest priority for LAPD so that all resources need to be redeployed on it??), his disrespect to all including his partner whom he choose himself a

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    Harry Bosch has come out of retirement and is back on the job. He lands a slot in the Open Unsolved Unit of the

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    Without going into a lot of detail, my husband likes these books and he said he thought I would, too! Right. So, I read one, "Lincoln Lawyer" first, and I did like it. So, I got the publishing list and I read the last boo

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    A 17 year old murder is brought back to life for the Open Unsolved unit of the LAPD. Harry Bosch, who had been in retirement, was back on the job in a probationary way. A beautiful, biracial teenager was murdered in 1988, an

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    Harry Bosch is back with the LAPD working in a special unit that deals with open unsolved cases. The police chief wants to send a message that the police never forget a victim. And it’s now possible to apply new advances in forensics to old cases and get a different result.

    Bosch’s first case goes back to 1988. A beautifu

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    We've read the first ten in the "Bosch" series and this might be our favorite so far. Connelly chose to return to a third person voice and this reader appreciated that. It made the story move along smoothly for us, at least. The plot in this one is another beaut, and the writing quality was even better than the in the prior few. Great read!

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    Once again Michael Connelly has produced an intelligent, thought provoking story featuring the veteran homicide police detective, H

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    How Michael Connelly can keep writing such varied books about LAPD is beyond me. I feel as if I've spent lots of time in the City as his descriptive prose is informative and interesting. Also as a former police officer in the UK I find the similarities between their relationships wit heir supervisors so parall

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    Bosch is back in the LAPD, where he belongs. And while that's good news it gives me a problem with this both: it's simply ridiculous to try to make us believe that any police dept will take back on board a cop that retired three years earlier. When you add in the fact that the cop is Harry Bosch, who has enemies at ever

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    This is another believable story of an open/unsolved case 17 years old, grizzled veteran Harry Bosch is hired back on to the force and lands a m

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    I've read only a few Connelly novels and have become a big fan. I like the Harry Bosch character. The reader sympathises with him immediately; the detective with a heart, driven to do the right thing. Here, he's back with the LAPD, out of retirement and with the Open Unsolved section of the Homicide Division. Bosch and his partner are investigating an old case, the murder of a lovely young girl. The family are

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By Michael Connelly ó 3 summary

The Closers: Harry Bosch Series, Book 11

Ppears to have a racial angle This was LA before the riots and Rodney King when the city was a powder keg waiting for a match The detectives who worked the case all those years ago seem to have done a decent job but something doesn t fit Meanwhile Harry s nemesis Deputy Chief Irving is watching him In the new clean LAPD Irving has been sidelined to a meaningless job Compelled by vengeance he hopes Harry will make a sli. Once again Michael Connelly has produced an intelligent thought provoking story featuring the veteran homicide police detective Harry Bosch While one can read this book as a stand alone story one will enjoy it even if one has read the ten earlier books featuring Harry BoschThis story opens with Harry Bosch returning to the Los Angeles police force following a three year spell as a private investigator However he is assigned to the Open Unsolved unit a small team of seasoned police officers who take a second look at unsolved crimes of the past Also on the team is former colleague Kizmin Rider In addition Harry is soon reacuainted with a number of other former colleagues including his nemesis Irving IrvingThe first case that Harry is given concerns the murder of a biracial 16 year old Rebecca Verloren Now seventeen years later thanks to advances in technology a DNA match links an illiterate white supremacist with this old case However Bosch discovers that while the murder book of the crime still exists the box containing other physical supporting evidence collected at the time has disappeared Could this new DNA connection be the break that brings this case to closureWhile this is a traditional police procedural story where you follow Harry Bosch and his colleagues as they conduct their investigation and experience through them the highs and lows of a number of different avenues of investigation I think the real strength and impact of this novel lies in how Michael Connelly skilfully and devastatingly portrays the impact that a long standing unsolved murder has on family friends and others involved in such cases the ripples as Harry refers to them In this novel there is far less emphasis on Bosch s personal life and a greater focus on his personality particularly his dogged determination to seek justice closure and to speak for the dead For me this is the most poignant of the Harry Bosch novels I have read to date

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After three years out of the LAPD Harry Bosch returns to find the department a different place from the one he left A new police chief has been brought in from New York to give the place a thorough clean up from top to bottom Working with his former partner Kiz Rider Harry is assigned to the department s Open Unsolved Unit working on the thousands of cold cases that haunt the LAPD s files These detectives are the Close. Harry Bosch has come out of retirement and is back on the job He lands a slot in the Open Unsolved Unit of the LAPD and is working again with his former partner Kiz Rider They are assigned an old case involving the murder of a teen girl some seventeen years before Harry and Kiz consult the old murder book and get to work uickly They interview the murdered girl s parents now divorced and see the girl s bedroom that has been kept exactly the same since her death But there s something not uite right with the bed something that nags at Bosch so you know it will become important later in the book In reviewing the murder book Harry notices that the original case was pressured by higher police authorities to move in a different direction Harry and Riz believe this kind of high jingo was responsible for the case being closed without a final resolution Topping this off is the reappearance of Deputy Chief Irvin Irving who puts unnecessary pressure on Bosch to keep his nose clean and not screw things up Kiz and Harry find a likely suspect for the murder rap but don t have enough hard evidence for arrest and subseuent prosecution So they watch and wait while trying to find witnesses and check out leads Meanwhile we learn of all the necessary work that detectives perform when trying to find the killer in a long forgotten homicide The reader may lose interest early in the book but it pays to stick with it until the pace picks up in the final one third and author Connelly springs his final surprise

characters The Closers: Harry Bosch Series, Book 11

Rs They put a shovel in the dirt and turn over the past By applying new techniues to old evidence they aim to unearth some hidden killers and bring them to justice for a city that forgets its murder victims is a city lost Harry and Kiz are given a politically sensitive case when a DNA match connects a white supremacist to the 1988 murder of Rebecca Verloren a sixteen year old girl Becky was of mixed race and the case a. Without going into a lot of detail my husband likes these books and he said he thought I would too Right So I read one Lincoln Lawyer first and I did like it So I got the publishing list and I read the last book about a week ago I have two to read but neither are about Bosch or Haller and so feel I can read as I can I love this author Michael Connolly and have enjoyed all of the books Some penetrating that others but they are all plotted well and step through the point right to the end No words are wasted Looking forward to new season on Netflix too