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Now to get Bianca's cooperation Court must bring her son out of Syria alive With the clock ticking on Bianca's life he goes off the grid in a free fire zone in the Middle East and winds up in the right place at the right time to take a shot at bringing one of the most brutal dictatorships on earth to a clo. The earlier Gray Man books were terrific spare serious genuinely original Latest is similar to lots of thrillers on the market wordy and long winded Didn t finish it whereas earlier ones totally unputdownable

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The Gray Man is back in another nonstop international thriller from number one New York Times best selling coauthor of Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan novels Fresh off his first mission back with the CIA Court Gentry secures what seems like a cut and dried contract job A group of expats in Paris hires him to kidnap. 500 pages Exactly 500 pages of intense action that made this book difficult to put down For this reader this was the first book read by author Mark Greaney The writing was incredible and realistic Agent in Place is the 7th book in a series about the Gray Man Court Gentry who was a former Christian In Action who continues to provide services to the Agency as well as his own contract assignments His assignments are freuently assassinationsSupporters of the Free Syrian Army are in exile in Paris They are well funded and are focused on bringing down Syrian President Ahmed Azzam aka Bashar al Assad They learn that Ahmed has a mistress who is a Spanish model and modeling in Paris Arrangements are made with Court Gentry to kidnap Bianca Medina as they know that she knows about a meeting taken in Tehran that should the Russians discover perhaps would end the dictatorship of AhmedCourt is successful in the kidnapping only that it was not easy and was most certainly bloody At the same time the wife of Ahmed Shakira al Azzam Asma al Assad is having an affair with her Swiss financial advisor and he is a dangerous man that is wanted throughout Europe Shakira learns of her husband s mistress and wants Bianca killed while in Europe The Free Syrian supporters in Europe learn that Bianca has a son by Ahmed in Damascus and refuses to help their cause unless her son can be brought to EuropeOnce again Court is called upon as they need him to go to Syria and snatch the child Now who would be crazy enough to go to Syria and snatch the son of the president Well that would be Court Gentry who is not a typical man and has abilities that most could only dream aboutFor this reader reading this novel it felt like being back on the streets of Damascus And what is most interesting is that this novel is in real time in that the war being fought by several groups is realistically written It is today s news Prior to writing the Gray Man series Mark Greaney had coauthored the late Tom Clancy novels While this reader has thoughts about franchising a dead man s name for novels Mark Greaney in his own name is simply an exceptional writer of action adventure novels Time to go on and order the six previous Gray Man novels

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The mistress of Syrian dictator Ahmed Azzam to get intel that could destabilize Azzam's regime Court delivers Bianca Medina to the rebels but his job doesn't end there She soon reveals that she has given birth to a son the only heir to Azzam's rule and a potent threat to the Syrian president's powerful wife. I knew of Mark Greaney through his co authoring of Tom Clancy novels and chanced upon Backblast followed that with Gunmetal Gray and then jumped to The Gray Man Whilst there is a progression I came to Mark s hero in Court Gentry AKA The Gray Man haphazardly but I am hookedThe latest Agent in Place sees our hero pitted against the sadistic Syrian regime whilst out to rescue a child a child born to the Syrian Presidents girlfriend but like the childs mother in danger of assassination by forces working for the Presidents wife Enter all the problems associated with multiple factions fighting for example ISIS The Syrians and Syrian freedom forces amongst others The battered landscape the brutality and the numerous problems facing our hero make for a superbly crafted thriller The Gray Man series is highly commended and whilst each book is stand alone I recommend reading them progressively Like me you will soon get hooked

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    This latest in the Gray Man series is lacking some of the zest that was in the two previous books in the series

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    500 pages. Exactly 500 pages of intense action that made this book difficult to put down. For this reader, this was the first book read by author Mark Greaney. The writing was incredible and realistic. ā€œAgent in Placeā€

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    Here we go I won an advance copy of Agent in Place and devoured it! Set for the most part in Syria, the story is

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    The Syrian civil war is controlled by Ahmed al Azzam and his wife, Shakira, also know as ā€œFirst Lady of Hellā€

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    I knew of Mark Greaney through his co authoring of Tom Clancy novels and chanced upon 'Backblast' followed that with 'Gunmetal Gray' and then

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    Thank you to Net Galley, The publishers and to Mark Greaney for an honest review, which is easy as I love these books.

    Mark Greaney is on my list of favourite authors and most of these are action thriller authors, as well as gripping p

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    The earlier Gray Man books were terrific spare, serious, genuinely original. Latest is similar to lots of thrillers on the market wordy and lo

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    The storyline becomes complex with each subsequent book but this only adds to the enjoyment. Incredibly fast paced with any number of twists and turns. A great read.

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    Another triumph of this genre Mark Grearney is clearly a master of his craft. From the first page to the last the story goes you and holds you in fir a roller coaster ride. Highly recommended.