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Summary ½ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ✓ Justin Cronin

The Passage (The Passage Trilogy Book 1)

Ut our conversation naturally turned to books and writing and Iris made a confession your books daddy are boring She said this offhandedly as if she were telling me something I probably already knew which I took to mean that my novels were too grown up for her and dealt with subjects in which she had no interest I might have been offended but I was mostly surprised I didn t know shed read them I was uickly calculating what inappropriate material she would have encountered in their pages But when I asked her about this she said she hadn t read them not exactly she knew my books were boring she explained from their covers and the summaries on the flaps Well that s literary novels I explained relieved Sometimes it s hard to say exactly what theyre about in so many words To which my daughter rolled her eyes That s what I mean said Iris Boring Well what do you want me to write about I asked She took a moment to think We were running and riding side by side moving down the flat wide sidewalk of our neighborhood in the autumn heat A girl who saves the world she said I had to laugh Of course that s what she d want me to write about Not just a town say or a small city but the entire world Thats a tall order I said Anything else She thought another moment It should have one character with red hair said my daughter the redhead AndvampiresThis was before every teenage girl in America had gone crazy for vampires I knew absolutely nothing about them beyond the common lore The redhead I get Why vampires She responded with a shrug Theyre interesting A book needs something interesting in it It was a classic dare and I knew it Writer Rule is Never Let Anyone Else Tell You What to Write But I also knew we had five hot miles ahead of us OK I said Let s do it together Well work it out together as we go Like a game you mean Iris said Sure We can toss ideas around see if we can work it into a story Who knows Maybe it will be good and I can write itShe agreed and across that fall to pass the time of our afternoon run rides we began to formulate the plot of a novel one hour each day An orphan girl her and an FBI agent who befriends and fathers her me A medical experiment in lengthening human lifespan and a global catastrophe A hundred years of lost time and a mountain outpost in California where the last of the human race awaits the end until a day when a girlthat same girlappears out the.

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Cronin writers with verve and his future world is richly imagined John Dugdale SUNDAY TIMESJustin Cronin How I Wrote The PassageYou write the book that asks to be written and The Passage asked me to write it on a series of long jogs in the fall of taken in the company of my daughter Iris age eight who rode beside me on her bicycle For many years running has been part of my writing ritual I do my best creative thinking while running which I have come to understand as a form of self hypnosis It s where I get my ideas but not just my ideas on the best days whole paragraphs seem to drop into my head I like to say that I write while running at the computer I m just typing That fall four years ago my daughter asked if she could come along We had done this from time to time back when she was first leaning to ride a two wheeler and I d always enjoyed it even if her presence was a bit of a distraction from the mental work I was actually doing But it was September blazingly hot and the novel I was working on was in a bit of a stall Sure I said Get your stuff To understand this story a person would need to know something about my daughter Iris is simply the most voracious literary consumer I have ever encountered She reads two or three books a day and has since she was little She reads while eating bathing and walking the dog She reads while watching television I m not sure how in the backseat of the car and standing in line at the movies I have actually seen her reading on a roller coaster There is always a book somewhere on or near her person and she goes to sleep every night listening to audiobooksin other words she reads while sleeping too Once just to satisfy my curiosity I surreptitiously timed the rate at which she moved through the pages and discovered she was reading at twice the rate I do I am probably the only parent in the history of the world who has uttered this sentence Your mother and I have decided that as your punishment you will not be allowed to read a book for the rest of the weekIn sum Iris is the reader every writer longs for when she loves a book she loves it unreservedly but she is also the critic we all fear capable of skewering a novel she doesnt like with the most withering sarcasm Her verbal parodies of Jane Austen for instance a writer I am certain she will someday like but for now considers pompously dull are scarily dead on That day as we set o.

Summary ½ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ✓ Justin Cronin

Wilderness to save the human race Each afternoon after she came home from school we would pick up where we d left off and gradually the story and its details came into shape In the evenings we d tell my wife about what we d come up with and so she became part of the process too blessing or dismissing our ideas offering some of her own to fill the spaces I kept saying Isn t this a gas I can t believe how good our daughter is at this I had no sense that this was any type of story in particular literary or commercial for any particular audience beyond ourselves and I didnt care we were just having fun telling a story around the campfire Despite what I had said I had no intention of actually writing the thing writing and talking being in the end two entirely different matters one muchwork than the other And then a funny thing happened As the weeks went by I began to think this story actually could be a book and that it was actually a better book a much better book than the one I was actually supposed to be writing And not just one book saving the world seemed like the kind of undertaking that would take three books to accomplish The story that became The Passage had begun to fill my head to breathe and walk and talk to be populated as someone once said by warm new beings I actually believed in Amy and Wolgast Peter and Alicia the redhead Iris had reuested Lacey and Richards and Grey and Sara and Michael the Circuit a character who is a kind of boy Iris actually and very much her creation I had been a literary novelist all my professional life with a literary novelist s habits and interests but I had cut my reader s teeth on plenty of genre fiction adventure novels science fiction westerns espionage Enough to know that in the end it s how you write the thing that matters and if you love it Be interesting Iris had told me There s no harm in it and your reader will thank you It seemed like good advice For three months Iris and I traded ideas back and forth like a ball we were moving downfield by December when the cold weather came and her bicycle went into the garage we had the plot worked out right down to the final scene I felt sad as if something wonderful was ending and I decided not to let it end I sat at my computer and began to write an outline so I wouldn t forget it And when that was done I decided I would write the first chapter Just to see how it felt And so on.

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  • The Passage (The Passage Trilogy Book 1)
  • Justin Cronin
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  • 13 October 2017
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About the Author: Justin Cronin

Born and raised in New England Justin Cronin is a multi award winning writer He is Professor of English at Rice University and lives with his family in Houston Texas