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Ne else when he does something nice Somethingunexpected His very public kiss is an act of kindness to save me from humiliation but it leads the entire school to think that we re dating Which is just crazyright The Briarwood High novels are completely standalone romances that can be read in any orde.

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A Whole New League (Briarwood High Book 2)

The star uarterback dating a theater geek like me As if anyone would believe thatIf Brian Kirkland is the reigning king of the jocks I guess that makes me the ueen of the drama department Hard to believe we were ever best friends These days we go to great lengths to ignore one another But when Bria.

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N s current diva girlfriend convinces him to try out for my play there s no way to avoid him I try to keep it professional but years of anger and resentment are hard to dismiss It doesn t help that he s just as cocky as I remember He lives to antagonize me which is why I m just as stunned as everyo.